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IT Intersection is a review and rating website designed to give you information about ebooks, audio books, video courses, online help systems, software, informational and digital products.  Our goal is to provide you unbiased information.  We are committed to our visitors in hope you will rate and comment on the products contained on our review website as well.

Also, if you have written a digital product, ebook, audio product or video training series and would like to have your product included in the reviews on our website, please feel free to contact us anytime for a review of your product.  We are consistently looking for publishers in an attempt to expand our list.

We are enthusiastic to receive new user reviews.  Please let us know your opinions about the products on our website by writing a personal review and rating if you have personal experience with the product.  If you have any additional questions, you can contact us through Contact Page.

Again, IT Intersection is a review-based website. Our website is growing by the week and will eventually include hundreds of different books, ebooks, software, audio and video packages, and more.  Every product listed on our website has an editorial description of the product by our staff highlighting it's features and benefits, followed by user reviews and ratings.  We enjoy when people share their feelings when possible so our visitors can decide for themselves if the product is a fit for them.

Digital Products - Downloadable

Several of our products are digital.  A digital product means that it can be downloaded immediately.  Once a purchase is made, you are taken to a private download page where you can download the digital product and save it to your computer's hard drive.  Some products that are membership sites are sent to you via email with detailed instructions.  Keep in mind, the download process is very simple even if you are not very technically savy.

What Are E-books?

An E-Book is a book that is readable on your computer or other devices.  It typically is in Adobe PDf format and can be printed out if you want the hard copy.

E-Books have gain popularity world wide.  In the beginning, e-books were mainly written for the technological readers.  They used them for different types of manuals, essays, scientific reports and more.  But today, you can get an e-book for almost any topic in life and many printed books also have a digital version.

E-Book Formats

The most popular format of an e-book is the Adobe Acrobat Reader.  They have come in the past in many formats, including scanning hard copy books.  They have become wildly popular due to fact that e-book readers are available for free to many users.

E-Book Readers

E-Book readers are hardware devices that are used to display and read e-books. They have several advantages over reading an e-book on a typical computer screen. The main reason is they are portable, the battery life is long, and they enable reading in the bright sunlight because of a new technology, called e-ink.

Some of the most popular e-book readers are Amazon Kindle, Cybook by Bookeen, Sony Reader, and iLiad by iRex Technologies. Each reader has its own advantages and disadvantages. Many have little weight and are very small.  For even easier reading, larger screens are available.

Advantages and Disadvantages of E-Books

There are several advantages that e-books have over hard copy books.  First, there are no shipping and handling costs if you purchase an electronic book online.  And it saves a ton of time versus going to a large book store.  And carrying around several hard copy books can be a challenge compared to one e-book reader that can store thousands of electronic books at a time.  You can also put an end to bookmarks because e-readers remember the last page you read and can enable non-permanent highlighting and annotation as well.  For your convenience, you can even adjust the font size to suit your reading preferences.  They are more economical and better for the environment because because there is no use of ink or paper for their production.

In retrospect, many people still prefer to hold a hard copy book in their hand.  And if something happens to damage your e-book reader you could loose every book that is stored on the device all at once.

But to summarize, we feel the benefits of purchasing a digital product (e-book, audio book, video training, etc...) out weighs the costs of buying hard copy books, CDs, or DVDs.

We decide.

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